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Artists and their works are only as old and local as they are made to feel. Apply the right language, and any artist or work will appeal to a contemporary, international public.

Art has the ability to both awaken and lull to sleep. Both are necessary for balance.

An artist lets us see familiar things as though we were looking at them for the first time.

An artist is an archaeologist of the present. The artist's task is to capture time and emotion from their individual perspective, at the same time demonstrating their professional ability.

The collector's duty is to preserve the most vivid and significant records — from times past as well as the very present — and to share them with every art lover.

An art institution is an aesthetically functional frame for important art events curated by current and future professionals.

The essence of an art institution is characterised by three vectors: to create new perspectives, to bring about emotional experiences, and to put forward subjects for conversation.

The formation of an art collection is an endless process, where a full stop turns into a comma. Just like art history.
And this manifesto,